I start from sketching. It was 1st day of challenge “make a thing” where in new team everyone was brainstorming ideas for new game project … among my “brainstorm” doodles I create  for fun handsome dragon that officially turn out to be HDG logo : ) Bellow I will post progress of of my work.

01. Traditional Art : )
a) Color marker on butcher paper

02. Adobe Photoshop +reference images
a) Re-sketching idea in Adobe Photoshop with open references in Google of Chinese Dragons


b) Rough clean up in Photoshop + font check. I choose “Bend 2 Squares Font Family

03. Adobe Illustrator

a) I trace in Ai image and expand it yo start slow progress of editing polishing vector work.


b) Once I clean up work and share it with team members and ask for feedback and preferred colors.  On this stage I also realize that I should rectangular more this logo.

04. Photoshop
a) back again to Photoshop as in this software I feel more confident to tweak design.
I rectangular more picture + I decide to add some balance by adding black “spots/weights”. Later on I also tweak position of the head, size and position of horns and shrink a bit mirror.


05. Illustrator
a) small adjustment with cleanup

06. Photoshop
a) coloring +finding right color palette
Finding right colors took me really long time especially when I start from purples and end up on yellows
I also during coloring progress 1st time ever in my life start using masking options and now I ask myself why I never try it before!

b) once all dragon was colored next step was to experiment a bit with color values,contrast and so on
c) after choosing from above favorite dragons, I experiment more with shades of dragon color and font and end up with about 14 different options! However I will not post it here as differences are not extreme between all them : )
d) the winner was chosen and checked on white and black background as well in grey-scale versionwinner

e) I have another look at logo and decide to apply 3 changes

Final Logo design comes with 2 font color version for light and dark backgrounds.

HDG_red HDG_yellow

The end ^ ^ I hope that you enjoy seeing progress of creating the HDG logo.