Hello : )
I would like to share with you today my progress of creating
my 1st dragon in blender : ) It is a bit slow progress as I still
learning.. but I think it is cool to see it and later on it will be
also good reference for me to reflect on.

1. Step one:
I have created quick 3D drawing of dragon

2. Step two:
I start sculpting head
* I still have problem to understand some things about
sculpting in blender… I get to the stage where I could not
visibly add much more clay on head.. maybe I accidentally
click something? hehe will find out.. but that slowed down
my process even more. On that note..
Time to start saving for Zbrush 😀

03. I start adding more elements to head
+ figuring out how jaw will look like closed


04. Step four:
Lets create sausage dragon! >giggle<

Is 2:25 am.. I so much start enjoying modeling this dragon that I don’t
know when this time have gone! I have learn a lot of new things but
still there are moments when I stuck or forget some action.

05. I start sculpting dragon body:

06. Make paws : o and clean up a bit this mesh
dragon body.JPG

07. I get back to the head and start preparing it to add some nice horns..
(no clue yet how do they will look like lol)

08. …and the last look on dragon body before heading to bed03.JPG
Feeling proud of today achievement and sculpting practice : )

09. Today I create new super long tail for this dragon : ) Not sure though if I will keep it in this length.

tail needs to be epic.JPG

10. Then merge head body and tail in to one single object and clean it a bit around seams. Once that was done I move to dragon horns. I did for them 3 different sketches and I turn out with another 4 style.

And horns now look like that 😀 Still it may not be a final version >giggle<



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