Hello today I will show you screenshots from few days work. Getting right looking topology took me a while and give me a bit of headache.. but still I’m happy what I have achieved so far 🙂

I applied shirnikwrap before I finish all model as I wanted make more changes to dragon body, like moving slightly backward front legsdragon01.JPGin order to do that I had to detach  front legs and slide them back a bit as they were looking a bit odd. I think now they look bit better.
02.JPGI had to retopologise this model a bit (moving back and forward as I kept destroying it’s topology). In mid time I have created low poly wing and attached it to dragon body : )0222.JPG


Making wings membrane:drrrrr.JPG000666.JPG

..and mirroring model once again:
dragon000.JPGProbably you notice already that I make low poly horns and mount membrane what is only left are teeth, tongue and head topology fix then I can start unwrapping model! 😀 Hurray!

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