14.09.17 – Feeling really bad that I had so massive break in painting this piece… but life get a bit complicated.. got longest ever flu where all of 5 or even more antibiotics didn’t help.. been badly sick for more than 5 weeks.. after that I get job that wasn’t right for me as I could not fit in.. Now I’m unemployed again .. hopefully it won’t last long. Anyway here is progress of coffee table : )

There was stage when I could not show my work to anyone until it will get few more layers.. it looked like I have damaged it once I start applying more pink/blue color in to flowers area.. now I can show it as have as well the version that represents flower rather than mess.


As I mention I was going trough some bad stuff… and the time when I get fired from job I was really miserable.. and on the first day of my unemployment my mum find Noisy Miner baby that feel of from it nest.. I know it now that it was wrong to take him home…. still ending is super positive : )  Birdie stay with us for 5 days and was hand feed, in last 2 days he start flying pretty well as his tail grow longer.. when he come in our house he didn’t had almost tail at all.. he looked so cute lol. 6th day he was relist and accepted back by his family!


Some details of the work + sanding any mistakes or to big amount of paint:

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