31.03.18′ I always  wanted to Cosplay but I never feel brave enough.. still don’t feeling brave, but I decide that I will do it no matter what! = ) Good thing that when I will Cosplay Elias I can hide my shy face expression under skull : D Anyway, let me introduce you to Elias Ainsworth character from The Ancient Magus Bride (Mahoutsukai no Yome)

The first element that I start working on was Elias Staff. I used newspaper, masking tape and cardboard to come up with that : ) I was quite proud from this small achievement lol… though probably I will be making this staff form actual wood! I can’t wait!!! Again special thanks to Simon!

I create sketch, then make from newspaper and masking tape shape of staff head:


Tracing cutting and gluing next:020304Then i realize that my paper “hammer” is to big so I have removed more than half of it.. then I glued on top of it my pre-cut cardboard handle elements05

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