Coffee Table 0.3


Tonight “table” preparation : DIMG_3812aCreating ghost of Cockatoo IMG_3814aBringing parrot to lifeIMG_3817aLooking back at today work together with all previous paintings : )
Most of Avian on this painting are unfinished… as Cockatoo which is missing own claws and Fairy Wren that temporary loose its tail : P

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Dragon 0.3

I spend today great amount of time on retopologising dragon by using shrinkwrap… at the beginning I though all goes well as planned .. but now I feel like to many things is wrong about this dragon… I will have to do some research and check how other artist create topology around their creatures because I’m failing at some areas.


After a bit of research… my first step was to fix wings position.. no clue honestly why I model them this way.. such a silly mistake!


Then I move to re-doing topology and trying to get nice flow.. it gives me a bit of headache but I feel determinate to make it look right.


I was moving back and forward constantly and still can’t see end of this project.. I all the  time see something what should be fix or improved… maybe I was to ambitious to start with dragon model? But doesn’t matter .. I will finish it!


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Coffee Table 0.2


Its been a while since my last post about this piece : ) I make a bit of progress and my lovely client Lisa seen the work in person already and she likes it! I wonder what she will say when she will see this massive magpie : D hope she will love this cheeky bird as I do (until they get mean and in evil way start swooping people and pull of their hair – expect this horror time they are actually cute, smart and not evil at all : D..) anyway to much blabla probably you would like to see progress : )

Here you go, enjoy : )



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My favorite video with goofy magpie : D Warning a lot of swearing ; )

Have great day! : )

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Dragon 0.2


Moving forward with this model : ) at the moment slowly but surly ^^

dragon wing
Dragon wing attempt 1
Dragon wing attempt 2! 😀

….and now time for shrikwrap experiment. Probably I do it totally wrong.. I bet that there are better ways how to do it.. but well I’m learning and hopefully soon I will discover my favorite methods : )


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Coffee Table 0.1

Hello everyone! I receive wonderful commission for coffee table : ) My mission is only to paint this beauty:

It looks a bit like a fish, isn’t it?

Client already have prepared base for her table.. where she gets those pretty legs from! I can’t wait how it will look like when it will be assembled together : )

legs01.jpgTheme: Australian Fauna & Flora / Client garden with some of aves visitors.
List of visitors: rainbow lorikeets, blue faced honeyeater, striped honeyeaters, magpies, currawongs, butcher birds, azure kingfisher, kookaburra, tawny frogmouth, king parrots and a spangled drongo.
Favorite flower / tree:  flowering gum

Sketch of Spangled Drongo and Kookaburra that I done when I was waiting for wood:

I find Flowering Gum to be challenging to draw/paint.. so I decide do something out of my comfort zone for practice how to draw this plat.. I have used PaperMate and Pitt artist pens to sketch this samples… (no ctrl+z : ‘D)

I will now probably make plan where and what I will want to draw on this piece of wood in Photoshop program.. or if that wont go to well then I will start sketching straight on the wood : )

Planing in the Photoshop did’t work out  well .. so I move straight to sketching on the wood and here is sneak peak from today progress

Noisy Miner

Half of kitchen now belongs to me 😀

Adding some leaves and flowering gum flowers
Kookaburra repaint (as I didn’t like old one : ) )
Lorikeet joins in : )


More colors and new birds come to life : )
Even Fairy Wren come to say hello ^ ^


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Dragon 0.1

Hello : )
I would like to share with you today my progress of creating
my 1st dragon in blender : ) It is a bit slow progress as I still
learning.. but I think it is cool to see it and later on it will be
also good reference for me to reflect on.

1. Step one:
I have created quick 3D drawing of dragon

2. Step two:
I start sculpting head
* I still have problem to understand some things about
sculpting in blender… I get to the stage where I could not
visibly add much more clay on head.. maybe I accidentally
click something? hehe will find out.. but that slowed down
my process even more. On that note..
Time to start saving for Zbrush 😀

03. I start adding more elements to head
+ figuring out how jaw will look like closed


04. Step four:
Lets create sausage dragon! >giggle<

Is 2:25 am.. I so much start enjoying modeling this dragon that I don’t
know when this time have gone! I have learn a lot of new things but
still there are moments when I stuck or forget some action.

05. I start sculpting dragon body:

06. Make paws : o and clean up a bit this mesh
dragon body.JPG

07. I get back to the head and start preparing it to add some nice horns..
(no clue yet how do they will look like lol)

08. …and the last look on dragon body before heading to bed03.JPG
Feeling proud of today achievement and sculpting practice : )

09. Today I create new super long tail for this dragon : ) Not sure though if I will keep it in this length.

tail needs to be epic.JPG

10. Then merge head body and tail in to one single object and clean it a bit around seams. Once that was done I move to dragon horns. I did for them 3 different sketches and I turn out with another 4 style.

And horns now look like that 😀 Still it may not be a final version >giggle<



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Sketch of my little baby Olivia ❤
She is really sick and whenever I go or whatever I do I can’t stop thinking about her and worry…I spend on her already fortune to keep her healthy.. to keep her alive.. I’m feeling so sick from worry that I really don’t want go sleep .. when I asleep I have nightmares…
I don’t want either to wake up as I don’t know what waits me next day… pretty stressful times… only good thing is that I have 2 casual jobs that allow me to pay for all vet bills… (my 1st proper job.. and first expenses)


Let’s get back to blogging

Wooo! I feel like it’s been ages when I post last post! I think time to get back to this routine, let world know what I’m up to in my art journey. Starting from few updates.
My main portfolio is now in Artstation (in case I  didn’t mention it before). I have also created new account on 500px where I share my small non-professional hobby – photography.

Currently I’m working on game project with Humble Sage Games
Where my profile should be updated but I do not mention it… just…. #HSG #Dean #Jake xD
Facebook:  Humble Sage Games

I join as well Facebook page called Character Design Challenge where I hopefully will entry one work per month. Did it my 1st one already #Centurs



So that’s all for now : ) I’m currently learning how to use quixel (so far it drives me nuts) and I will share with you results of my work / learning progress.

Working for Humble Sage Games (part 02)

Woho good news I start to get used to be to the Blender! I have created the sword and I follow this tutorial:

The difference is only that I create a low poly version of this sword :)

2  1

I have also prepared character reference sheets from fuse characters that I have created and my friend Jess : ) she is an author of Knight_Female01 and Knight_Male01

Example how I was changing Bryana to match the concept:


And together with Alicia prepare task list and I have to write that I feel proud from the table that I create as I believe it will be clear and straightforward for all artists
task list

I hope as so far seems no one uses Trello where they suppose to do that…

That is all for now : )
Hope that you enjoy to seeing this a bit of processes.


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