Dragon 0.2


Moving forward with this model : ) at the moment slowly but surly ^^

dragon wing
Dragon wing attempt 1
Dragon wing attempt 2! ūüėÄ

….and now time for shrikwrap experiment. Probably I do it totally wrong.. I bet that there are better ways how to do it.. but well I’m learning and hopefully soon I will discover my favorite methods : )


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Coffee Table 0.1

Hello everyone! I receive wonderful commission for coffee table : ) My mission is only to paint this beauty:

It looks a bit like a fish, isn’t it?

Client already have prepared base for her table.. where she gets those pretty legs from! I can’t wait how it will look like when it will be assembled together : )

legs01.jpgTheme: Australian Fauna & Flora / Client garden with some of aves visitors.
List of visitors: rainbow lorikeets, blue faced honeyeater, striped honeyeaters, magpies, currawongs, butcher birds, azure kingfisher, kookaburra, tawny frogmouth, king parrots and a spangled drongo.
Favorite flower / tree:  flowering gum

Sketch of Spangled Drongo and Kookaburra that I done when I was waiting for wood:

I find Flowering Gum to be challenging to draw/paint.. so I decide do something out of my comfort zone for practice how to draw this plat.. I have used PaperMate and Pitt artist pens to sketch this samples… (no ctrl+z¬†: ‘D)

I will now probably make plan where and what I will want to draw on this piece of wood in Photoshop program.. or if that wont go to well then I will start sketching straight on the wood : )

Planing in the Photoshop did’t work out ¬†well .. so I move straight to sketching on the wood and here is sneak peak from today progress

Noisy Miner

Half of kitchen now belongs to me ūüėÄ

Adding some leaves and flowering gum flowers
Kookaburra repaint (as I didn’t like old one : ) )
Lorikeet joins in : )


More colors and new birds come to life : )
Even Fairy Wren come to say hello ^ ^


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Dragon 0.1

Hello : )
I would like to share with you today my progress of creating
my 1st dragon in blender : ) It is a bit slow progress as I still
learning.. but I think it is cool to see it and later on it will be
also good reference for me to reflect on.

1. Step one:
I have created quick 3D drawing of dragon

2. Step two:
I start sculpting head
* I still have problem to understand some things about
sculpting in blender… I get to the stage where I could not
visibly add much more clay on head.. maybe I accidentally
click something? hehe will find out.. but that slowed down
my process even more. On that note..
Time to start saving for Zbrush ūüėÄ

03. I start adding more elements to head
+ figuring out how jaw will look like closed


04. Step four:
Lets create sausage dragon! >giggle<

Is 2:25 am.. I so much start enjoying modeling this dragon that I don’t
know when this time have gone! I have learn a lot of new things but
still there are moments when I stuck or forget some action.

05. I start sculpting dragon body:

06. Make paws : o and clean up a bit this mesh
dragon body.JPG

07. I get back to the head and start preparing it to add some nice horns..
(no clue yet how do they will look like lol)

08. …and the last look on dragon body before heading to bed03.JPG
Feeling proud of today achievement and sculpting practice : )

09. Today I create new super long tail for this dragon : ) Not sure though if I will keep it in this length.

tail needs to be epic.JPG

10. Then merge head body and tail in to one single object and clean it a bit around seams. Once that was done I move to dragon horns. I did for them 3 different sketches and I turn out with another 4 style.

And horns now look like that ūüėÄ Still it may not be a final version >giggle<



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Sketch of my little baby Olivia ‚̧
She is really sick and whenever I go or whatever I do I can’t stop thinking about her and worry…I spend on her already fortune to keep her¬†healthy.. to keep her alive.. I’m feeling so sick from worry that I really don’t want go sleep .. when I asleep I have nightmares…
I don’t want either to wake up as I don’t know what waits me next day… pretty stressful times… only good thing is that I have 2 casual jobs that allow me to pay for all vet bills… (my 1st proper job.. and first expenses)


Let’s get back to blogging

Wooo! I feel like it’s been ages when I post last post! I think time to get back to this routine, let world know what I’m up to in my art journey. Starting from few updates.
My main portfolio is now in Artstation (in case I ¬†didn’t mention it before). I have also created new account on 500px where I share my small non-professional hobby – photography.

Currently I’m working on game project with Humble Sage Games
Where my profile should be updated but I do not mention it… just…. #HSG #Dean #Jake xD
Facebook:  Humble Sage Games

I join as well Facebook page called Character Design Challenge where I hopefully will entry one work per month. Did it my 1st one already #Centurs



So that’s all for now : ) I’m currently learning how to use quixel (so far it drives me nuts) and I will share with you results of my work / learning progress.

Working for Humble Sage Games (part 02)

Woho good news I start to get used to be to the Blender! I have created the sword and I follow this tutorial:

The difference is only that I create a low poly version of this sword :)

2  1

I have also prepared character reference sheets from fuse characters that I have created and my friend Jess : ) she is an author of Knight_Female01 and Knight_Male01

Example how I was changing Bryana to match the concept:


And together with Alicia prepare task list and I have to write that I feel proud from the table that I create as I believe it will be clear and straightforward for all artists
task list

I hope as so far seems no one uses Trello where they suppose to do that…

That is all for now : )
Hope that you enjoy to seeing this a bit of processes.


Working for Humble Sage Games (part 01)

Section 1: The Host Organization
I would like to inform you that from December 2015 I work in Humble Sage Games as a general artist, working for them becomes also as part of my 11 weeks internship subject where I have to do 80 h of work for the company. I myself as a general artist as my specific job wasn’t yet defined or better, maybe write I so far I do bits of everything.


About Humble Sage Games: This is brand new video game company established by musician Dean Watkin and fantasy book writer Jake Harris. The Humble Sage Games team has about 20 members. However, I’m not sure if that didn’t change already. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance so far meet everyone.

Can you provide feedback on the processes you observed and which systems/ technology did you use?

I will provide short and honest feedback on the processes that I have observed in this company that may be not nice to read, but it is a problem that needs to be mentioned. Starting from good things. What I love most about this company is that leaders really value communication and the fact that they try to make everyone feel equal. Each of us (artist) has received freedom to decide what we want to do, how much time we want to spend on a project and be leaders to ourselves. It is a fair point since it is 1st ever HSG project and no one paid for their work. However, this in my opinion, one mistake that was made, at least for the art team where the consequences could be seen after the first couple of weeks. There were no team work and people seems lost or not present at all.. We have 2 leaders in art team, although leaders do not have any responsibilities as I mention everyone is a leader for himself. This lead to extremely slow workflow (if any at all) for art team, lack of motivation, responsibilities and purpose. Only a few people seem to work, time to time on some art projects that contribute to the game. Without clear directions, roles and responsibilities, in my opinion brought the art team to shameful position. It makes me upset as I use to be often a team leader and I always tried my best to give everyone work, responsibilities and feedback… make people feel needed and make them feel as a team member. In this company I can’t do it, as it will look like breaking law.

The second thing that I believe discourage artist in the team is fact that we have learned and use unfamiliar for us software.. Maybe that would be fine, if we would not get a degree in animation and spent 2 years or more of our life on learning Autodesk Softwares. We leave Uni, get degree and we just get punched in the face of free to use program. What makes me actually feel angry at the education system.. Autodesk programs are really expensive and not affordable for just starting an indie game company what force people to use the free version of the software in order to be able at the end sell what we have created. Each of us now have to learn such program as Blender and stop improving skills on software that took us at last 2 years to learn. I do not have anything against free programs as most of them are really great as Blender that offers a lot and contain a lot of options that are split on different programs in Autodesk. However, I find Blender difficult to learn especially with my attitude towards it, as I feel cheated by life.

I can’t write much about other teams how do they perform as audio, programmers and so on as teams use different software to communicate.. so I even don’t know if they work at all.

What I hope to gain from this project?
More experience, knowledge and understanding. See different team workflow, make mistakes and learn about them as well observe others and see how people work. I also want based on that improve my portfolio and test myself how much I can adjust to the new software.

 What I have done so far?
My first week in Humble Sage Games I start of concept art for one of enemies and one of the main characters that will be in the game.

Bufon Description:
“Bufons are dakini (demons) in the world of Angaria. They are the oldest breed of Dakini and are the stupidest of all creatures. The know a few basic words and stick together in small clans. Bufons are used by the moss God Zopus because of their smaller size and speed. The spikes on a Bufons Back and arms have been modified to inject a toxin that effects the brain of whatever it injects. The brain is flooded with chemicals, and the amygdala is forced into fight or flight mode. From here most things that are infected begin attacking whatever is near them, and unfortunately they need to be killed before they will stop. Bufons share some appearances with our toads, with the exception of being much larger, with the largest coming up around someone‚Äôs knees.”

Concept Art of Bufon:

Final Concept Art:

Additional: I have also tried to sculpt Bufon in 3D software : )

Concept of Bryana:

In Humble Sage Games we use Fuse for creation of the basic models that will be later edited in 3D modeling software as Fuse how great it is, it still do not give so much freedom in character creation especially in the area of hair, clothing, teeth, unique face or body contraction.

I have so far created 12 characters based on description that I receive from game story witters.

Close up:

Orc with reference of Orc from World of the Warcraft movie:

And some crazy things that may happen when you do not rotate character to often.

Still I have to create plenty of characters.


Mixamo in HSG is used for basic animations, which will be later tweaked in 3D animating software. So far I have provided together with 1 friend from team about 300 animations.

I have also done some experimenting and problem solving in Mixamo using Jessica Fay Bufon model.

The reason why animations will have to be edited manually are because some overlapping, stretching or other unnaturally looking things happen like here:


Blender is the program that any of the artist from our team didn’t ever use… our mission is to learn how to use it.. what become as a huge obstacle.. as when I ask the artist about their feelings and approach to blender I have received negative feedback as everyone have experience in software such as 3Ds Max and Maya + Mudbox.. and no one of us (students/graduated students) can‚Äôt afford the cost of lenience.

Learning blender took me most of my time, so I will present to you what I have done so far based on tutorials.

Tea/Coffee cup, based on tutorial: link

Steampunk boy based on tutorial: link

I start to write some notes from this tutorial for other artist from the team as well for myself as I have really good but short memory. (all this goes on turtle tempo..)

I have done some experimenting with a sculpting tool in blender in order create for one of the characters long hair. Honestly, I do not know how did it.. and definitely I do not have an idea how to start fixing all efficiently.
Other Stuff
Business’ Cards: As a general artist, I have done business cards design for company front and back :)

I have done also a Leadership Intensive: Foundations Program that is organized by NeuroPower Group. Thanks to Humble Sage Games 11 of the team members had a chance to participate in this program artists, musicians, writers, game designers and programmers.


3 Day program -8 hours a day of theory.. (my brain screaming after 1st day “No More English Please!” as English is my second language).. Anyway, here a bit of information about each day:

day 1day 2day 3

Other things that may be worth to mention is that each of us work from home, and to communicate every day we use: Skype, Slack, Trello, Google Drive and emails. We had as well few group meetings : )



Critical Distance vs Polygon

In the Episode 31 ‚Äď Back to the 2015 (link)¬†in Critical Distance between many other subject they talk about talk about Witcher 3 Wild Hunt by CD Project Red.¬†Conversation¬†starts from racial problem that was brought up by critics once game was released. Game that is set up in Slavs (Slavic) folklore do not have any different races (people of color) than Slavs.¬†They go trough some arguments where one of Polish person said that introducing new races would be not right demographically where other person brought up that people were travailing around the Europe since before¬†Rome. They talk about for and against this critics by analyzing small game where all action is set up in small village and some myth around it can be created where in Witcher 3 we have large continent what I think it is far call to maybe introduce some people of color. In Critical Distance they summarize what other people say or argue about, they state some of their opinions although they do not chose clearly sides. They brought problem where before in game industry people really didn’t care about such matter and how society and culture change where people start care about things that may be a issue.

Although in the Polygon¬†article¬†Colorblind: On The Witcher 3, Rust, and gaming’s¬†race¬†problem¬†(link)¬†it is going more in depth and write about the¬†lack of the freedom of choice when you can decide how your character would look like or that are forced politics. Writer who describes himself as a person of color write that he is almost always forced ¬†to play a white stereotype of character in game. However what is interesting he writes that problem appear when white gamer are forced to play people not of their race as he also mention ¬†that tech world is a very white male dominated area. Whit this fact the most of critics that you can read about Witcher 3 are related to sexism , graphic and other aspects but not much at all about people of color. The writer outlines situations where in game you can find or meet people with names and surnames of people of color… but it ends only on name.

Summarizing Critical Distance tell us about issue briefly without stating clearly their position and tell us where we can find more information about particular issue. Where Polygon article focus deeply on problems and digs in what is right what not clearly stating their position.

Personally I love different cultures and people of color where I’m just white female people are for me fascinating. However I do not understand all this problems around the games as I really do not play to look for what is wrong but to enjoy and live the life of the character that I play.. does’t matter if I become white Witcher, Japanese warrior or African Solider.. Still I may defend Geralt character to be as white male as this is how author of book describes him.. ¬†Spakowski created him, named him and tell his story… Although unknowing real story of Lara Croft I would really do not mind if Lara would have beautiful dark skin : ) Instead of keep arguing and criticizing I would love if white game developers would listen stories and read books from people from various cultures and tell their sorties to create so unique and beautiful games as Never Alone, PaPo & Jo or upcoming Last Guardian.


Never Alone (Kisima InŇčitchuŇča)


What a wonderful game where you can play, learn and get better understanding of other cultures. I didn’t finish this game yet but I honestly couldn’t wait to write about it and share with you some screenshots and thoughts. The story is really beautifully presented and¬†I already wish to be able play series of such games that would introduce in them¬†various culture, people and their habitat, real life stories and magical fables. In Never Alone the storytelling, art, music, narration in Inuktitut language, effects and real life documentary… all this creates one¬†beautiful and such inspiring cultural piece artwork.¬†Really clever idea for the project and I look forward to see more games like ¬†that from¬†Upper One Games. (Now excuse me I will back to game : ) )

never alone screens.jpg

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