Coffee Table 0.4


It wasn’t best day for me today to paint.. almost like I had some clumsy art block.. I split gold paint on wood.. I paint elements then didn’t liked so I had to eraser them using wet rug… I was keep doing one step forward and one back.. at the end not much has changed.



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Dragon 0.6

YayI I did some rigging and have assigned weights! All this first time in blender : ) and then some things went out of control 😀 I got creative.

Materials assigned and 1st set of bones layout with names : )



Some quick tests


It works~! Model will be re-rigged probably as I want make this dragon look more unique.

In order to do that I get back to sculpting and then things went creatively crazy 😀




Time to check if I can recreate some of those spines in low poly : )

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Dragon 0.5


This dragon takes so much time but I learn heaps with it! Currently I wonder if I did not created to difficult model to rig and animate.. but for totally basic animation I think I should be fine : )

I have created low poly teeth and forgot to unwrap 1st two different teeth in order to save some work with unwrapping but thankfully I find solution and use super useful method of Transferring UV map (Ctrl+L)


Once all was retopologized I could start unwrapping. First attempt of unwrap with already planed seams was rewarding.. although as most of us know it is not all that easy 🙂 (I will upload final UV layout once this dragon will be finished)
so rewarding.JPG

I have quickly tested how textures will work
Then I try this dragon out quickly in Quixel

I know, nothing impressive yet but it is only testing stage. : )

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Dragon 0.4


Hello today I will show you screenshots from few days work. Getting right looking topology took me a while and give me a bit of headache.. but still I’m happy what I have achieved so far 🙂

I applied shirnikwrap before I finish all model as I wanted make more changes to dragon body, like moving slightly backward front legsdragon01.JPGin order to do that I had to detach  front legs and slide them back a bit as they were looking a bit odd. I think now they look bit better.
02.JPGI had to retopologise this model a bit (moving back and forward as I kept destroying it’s topology). In mid time I have created low poly wing and attached it to dragon body : )0222.JPG


Making wings membrane:drrrrr.JPG000666.JPG

..and mirroring model once again:
dragon000.JPGProbably you notice already that I make low poly horns and mount membrane what is only left are teeth, tongue and head topology fix then I can start unwrapping model! 😀 Hurray!

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Coffee Table 0.3


Tonight “table” preparation : DIMG_3812aCreating ghost of Cockatoo IMG_3814aBringing parrot to lifeIMG_3817aLooking back at today work together with all previous paintings : )
Most of Avian on this painting are unfinished… as Cockatoo which is missing own claws and Fairy Wren that temporary loose its tail : P

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Dragon 0.3

I spend today great amount of time on retopologising dragon by using shrinkwrap… at the beginning I though all goes well as planned .. but now I feel like to many things is wrong about this dragon… I will have to do some research and check how other artist create topology around their creatures because I’m failing at some areas.


After a bit of research… my first step was to fix wings position.. no clue honestly why I model them this way.. such a silly mistake!


Then I move to re-doing topology and trying to get nice flow.. it gives me a bit of headache but I feel determinate to make it look right.


I was moving back and forward constantly and still can’t see end of this project.. I all the  time see something what should be fix or improved… maybe I was to ambitious to start with dragon model? But doesn’t matter .. I will finish it!


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Coffee Table 0.2


Its been a while since my last post about this piece : ) I make a bit of progress and my lovely client Lisa seen the work in person already and she likes it! I wonder what she will say when she will see this massive magpie : D hope she will love this cheeky bird as I do (until they get mean and in evil way start swooping people and pull of their hair – expect this horror time they are actually cute, smart and not evil at all : D..) anyway to much blabla probably you would like to see progress : )

Here you go, enjoy : )



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My favorite video with goofy magpie : D Warning a lot of swearing ; )

Have great day! : )

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Dragon 0.2


Moving forward with this model : ) at the moment slowly but surly ^^

dragon wing
Dragon wing attempt 1
Dragon wing attempt 2! 😀

….and now time for shrikwrap experiment. Probably I do it totally wrong.. I bet that there are better ways how to do it.. but well I’m learning and hopefully soon I will discover my favorite methods : )


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Coffee Table 0.1

Hello everyone! I receive wonderful commission for coffee table : ) My mission is only to paint this beauty:

It looks a bit like a fish, isn’t it?

Client already have prepared base for her table.. where she gets those pretty legs from! I can’t wait how it will look like when it will be assembled together : )

legs01.jpgTheme: Australian Fauna & Flora / Client garden with some of aves visitors.
List of visitors: rainbow lorikeets, blue faced honeyeater, striped honeyeaters, magpies, currawongs, butcher birds, azure kingfisher, kookaburra, tawny frogmouth, king parrots and a spangled drongo.
Favorite flower / tree:  flowering gum

Sketch of Spangled Drongo and Kookaburra that I done when I was waiting for wood:

I find Flowering Gum to be challenging to draw/paint.. so I decide do something out of my comfort zone for practice how to draw this plat.. I have used PaperMate and Pitt artist pens to sketch this samples… (no ctrl+z : ‘D)

I will now probably make plan where and what I will want to draw on this piece of wood in Photoshop program.. or if that wont go to well then I will start sketching straight on the wood : )

Planing in the Photoshop did’t work out  well .. so I move straight to sketching on the wood and here is sneak peak from today progress

Noisy Miner

Half of kitchen now belongs to me 😀

Adding some leaves and flowering gum flowers
Kookaburra repaint (as I didn’t like old one : ) )
Lorikeet joins in : )


More colors and new birds come to life : )
Even Fairy Wren come to say hello ^ ^


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